Sunday, April 26, 2009

Horrible night

We just got back from the hospital. Wyatt is ok. But, it was our first night of being really worried for him. He was staying with my in-laws for the night and DH and i went out for our fourth anniversary. Anyways, we were home, almost asleep when we got a 2am call from in laws saying Wyatt was having a really hard time breathing, and wheezing a lot, and they were worried! They live close, so we went right over, as fast as we could, and he was having a hard time breathing, could not catch his breath, and just seemed really unlike himself, so we took him to ER. It totally scared me half to death. Thankfully it was just croup. They gave him steroids and a breathing treatment and he's doing better now. But, I feel like I cannot sleep. It was so scary, I'm so glad he's ok. I just feel so bad, because he wasn't feeling well before going to IL's, but I really thought it was just teething, but I guess live and learn huh. I guess we've been lucky this 1st year because we haven't had anything like this. I just felt like I was dying, on the short trip to our in laws, I HAD to hold my baby in my arms NOW. It was like something I've never felt before. I'm just so glad it's over and he's ok.

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