Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still waiting for his 1st steps...

It's funny, back in February I thought Wyatt was so close to walking. But, now he is almost 13 months old, and still not walking. It's not that I'm really worried at all, it's just funny. He started crawling and cruising so early... and now he's just decided walking is not his thing. He'd much rather crawl anywhere he needs to go! I know once he starts walking, I'll probably wish he waited longer, but it will be nice when he finally decides to take some steps.

Oh, and I finally finished Wyatt's 1st Year Scrapblog.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Teeth update

Wyatt now has a 3rd tooth on top, with 1 more coming in on top and another coming in on the bottom. That will be a total of 8 teeth. He's really been a trooper! Sleeping all night, and not noticeably crankier or anything, until today. They must really be hurting, because he's been very unhappy. Poor little guy!