Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1st Birthday Plans

So, we are planning Wyatt's 1st birthday party for Sunday, April 19th at 2pm.
We are using his favorite characters from Noggin for the theme. I am so happy because I finally found a place that will do Moose A. Moose on a cake! So, everything has pretty much fallen into place. Moose is Wyatt's favorite, but is almost impossible to find anywhere. So, I had to become creative and try to make some things. I'm very excited for the party, I think it will be a great day for everyone! We also have a lot planned leading up to the big party. On Tues. we are going to go get Wyatt his first haircut. His hair is just getting out of control! So, I want to have it trimmed up a little. Then, on his actual birthday, the 16th, we will take him to get his 1 year pictures done. I'm not sure what we will do that afternoon, kind of depends on the weather. But, then we will eat dinner with the in-laws. It should be a great day!

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