Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Adam and I arrived at the hospital Monday, April 14th a little before 8pm. We were going in for a scheduled induction, because we thought Wyatt was going to 9lbs. and we didn't want him to get any bigger. Plus, I couldn't wait any longer to see him! By this point I was so done with being pregnant, but the last weeks of my pregnancy really were not that bad. I worked up until Monday at about 11am. After that I went to lunch with Sarah and I was just SO excited. I couldn't wait to hold Wyatt in my arms.
As we arrived at the hospital, and I was being admitted, I did get very nervous. It was all suddenly so real. It was really happening, I wasn't leaving the hospital until Wyatt was born. I was hooked up to an IV, and a contraction monitor. The nurse said I was already having contractions, but I hadn't even noticed. At about 9pm they administered cervadil and around 10:30pm they said I could eat. I hadn't been able to eat anything since lunch. However, with it being so late, my choices were limited, and I didn't really want fast food. So, I ate a sandwich, chips, yogurt and a rice crispy treat that the hospital gave me. If only I had known it would be 35+ hours till I would eat again...
After that Adam and I watched some tv, then we tried to watch I, Robot on the laptop, but I dozed off.
Tuesday morning at about 7am Dr. G broke my water, and we hoped things would really get moving. I have to say I was so happy with my nurse, Jade. You really don't realize how little your doctor is going to be there during your labor. I got so lucky to have such a great nurse, because she was there through it all.
By the afternoon everyone was calling asking if Wyatt was here yet. But, nope, no baby yet.
I made it to 3 cm dialated, and the pain was unbearable, so I got a dose of stadol, which helped. It basically made me not care that I was in such pain. But, I still felt the pain. After a second dose of stadol, which didn't help as much as the first, I got the epidural.
At first I was a little afraid to get the epidural, but it was a piece of cake, and provided SO much relief. However, I did still feel a lot of pressure and they had to add medicine twice to my epidural.
Finally around 10pm I was 9cm. I thought for sure this baby would be coming soon. Nope, at about 11:30 Dr. G decided I was actually going down, and was only 8cm, so we needed to go for the c-section. I remember seeing the clock, and wondering if Wyatt would be born before midnight.
The nurses quickly got me into the operating room. I remember them giving Adam the scrubs and footies to put on, and he couldn't get them over his shoes! That was the last I saw of him for awhile.
Laying in the operating room, waiting for Adam seemed to take forever. I kept seeing people with scrubs and masks come in, wondering if one of them was Adam. Finally Adam came in and things were really happening.
I can't remember much except seeing Wyatt over the screen. They held him up and even though he was messy, he was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Adam went over and took some video of him as they were cleaning him up and everything. Then Adam brought the camera over to me and I saw Wyatt! He was so amazing, I think I cried at this point. Then they actually brought him over by my face... the whole experience was so unreal. Then they put him on a scale and weighed him in at 8lbs. 5oz.
Adam went with Wyatt to be cleaned better while I stayed in the operating room to be stitched up. I got very sick at this point, and was in and out of it. Finally when I was back in my hospital room it was 2:30am. I FINALLY got to hold Wyatt. It was so amazing, but I was so EXHAUSTED! Adam then took Wyatt out to the hall to his parents, and I passed out.
I don't remember exactly when they brought Wyatt in that next morning, but having him in my arms, he was all mine. It was all over, nothing else mattered, it was just him and me. I finally got to see this little guy that had been kicking around inside for all these months.

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